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Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Motion Detector Security Doorbell Alarm

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Product Description

Protect your family and property! Get alerted the moment visitors, vehicles, or potential intruders enter your property lines, driveway, front porch, gate, shed, walkways and garage. Also great for being alerted if your kids get too close to the swimming pool or other areas that are unsafe!

Fully Customizable and Expandable - Create up to four unique detection zones with 4 sensors each, for a total of 16 total sensors per receiver. LED lights on the receiver indicate which sensor zone has detected movement so you can act quickly. Each zone has a unique sound; zones 1-3 have fixed unique sounds while the alarm sound of the 4th zone can be customized from among 36 available melodies. If you need custom ringtones, please install the PIR sensor in the 4th zone. Each sensor can be placed up to 1000ft/300m away from the receiver (depending on obstacles and environment). When movement occurs within 24 feet of the sensor’s angled eye, a signal will be sent to the receiver that will chime in your home just like a long-range doorbell.

Avoid False Alarms with Adjustable Sensor Windows - Rotate the cap on the PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor to adjust its detection angle for 30°, 45°, or 60°. Proper adjustment can help avoid false alarms from objects like passing cars or small animals. The sensor uses Passive Infrared Technology to pick up motion AND heat, meaning dead leaves won’t activate it.

Super Easy to Install - Takes only a few minutes to set up! The recommended installation height for the PIR sensor is 3.3-4.9ft (1.0-1.5m). The PIR sensor detecting distance is 16.4-26.2ft (5-8m). Install the PIR sensor in key monitoring areas such as the entrance to a garage, store, or house. 

The PIR sensor is made of double waterproof/weatherproof material rated IP65 and has been extensively tested in extreme weather. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Package Includes: 1 Receiver, 1 PIR Sensor, 1 Base for PIR Sensor Installation, Wall Plugs, Screws, Screwdriver, and Instruction Manual.

Operating Range: 300m/1000ft (without obstacles)

Detecting Distance: up to 6 meters/ 24ft

Detecting Angle: 30-60 degrees (Adjustable)

Receiver Power Supply: DC 4.5V (3 x AA batteries or by an adapter)

PIR Sensor Power Supply: DC 4.5V (3 x AAA batteries)

Working Temperature: -4℉ - 113℉

Volume Levels: LOUD & 6 adjustable volume levels

Expandable:  Up to 16 sensors per base unit

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